What are Funserts?

Funserts are cardboard playsets, designed to fit into IKEA® Kallax units.

What else can Funserts be used with?

At present, Funserts can be only be used in IKEA® Kallax units. The bases can be used wherever you want as they are flat and can be played with as they are on a flat surface.

How are Funserts used?

Funserts are inserted into the shelf space of an IKEA® Kallax unit. The base is inserted first, then the sides. It is recommended to add the small hook and loop fasteners (that come with your order) to the Funserts and to the cube storage for stability. The transparent side goes on the Funsert and the other on the unit. These will stay in place when the Funserts are removed and reversed to use the reverse side.

What age are Funserts suitable for?

Funserts are suitable for ages 3 plus. It might be best for a grown up to add the hook and loop circles initially.

What if I am not satisfied?

If you could email initially to sales@funserts.co.uk, we will endeavour to sort out any problems for you.

Are any other designs coming soon?

Absolutely. We are hoping to release more designs very soon. If you have any ideas for designs that you would like to see, please just email us at sales@funserts.co.uk and we will add it to our wishlist.